Commercial Climbing Frames for Schools



King Scar Triple Climbing FrameClimbing frames from Play Crazy are designed for both commercial premises and domestic use also. Our commercial grade play frames can be installed on commercial premises such as schools, nurseries, public parks and playgrounds, pubs, hotels and so on.

Play Crazy climbing frames meet commercial grade requirements as they are supersize and super-strong so several children can play on them at once. Many school playgrounds feature a climbing frame as they do provide lots of benefits for children and a school play area.

Children can learn and develop lots of new skills as well as have fun and stay physically active too. Outdoor play frames are a great form of exercise for kids and they also help encourage social play and encourage children to play together and make new friends. Climbing frames are such a fantastic way to keep children amused and out of trouble they are a great addition to any school King Scar Triple Climbing Frameplayground to keep children busy at break time, lunchtime and even after school.

An outdoor climbing frame is what children’s dreams are made of and they will love playing for hours on Play Crazy climbing frames with our huge range of accessories to keep kids busy. Climbing frames at school can be greatly beneficial to children developing their strength and coordination skills as well as other important skills such as balance, problem solving and even social skills. Outdoor play frames allow children to be free and active to help them develop skills that they cannot necessarily gain from indoor play, and most children are not lucky enough to have a play frame in their garden at home so one at school is a special treat.

Play Crazy specialise in every aspect of commercial climbing frames from design through to safe, professional installation. Our team of experts will help you create a playset which suits the children’s abilities, age range and needs at your school or premises and can also provide an installation service to ensure the play frame is installed correctly. Our team of climbing frame builders have years of experience in erecting climbing frames for commercial premises.

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