Enclosed Play Houses for Play Crazy Climbing Frames



Cabin Under the Bambi Climbing FramePlay Crazy climbing frames are designed as modular play frames with many different exciting accessories and packages to pick and choose from. Play Crazy playsets are engineered from the highest quality heavyweight timber wood which produces Play Crazy commercial strength climbing frames. The strong robust wood means that play frames from Play Crazy are solid, supersized and super-strong so children of any age can play on them.

Modules featured within Play Crazy climbing frames include everything from play houses, play cabins, rockwalls, cargo nets, climbing ladders, fireman’s poles, bridges, swings, slides, picnic benches and more. Play Crazy climbing frames are designed and based upon a play tower system which includes single tower playsets, double towers, triple towers and more if you have a larger play space.

The play towers featured in our climbing frames can be designed as solid play forts with enclosed play cabinRear View Bambi Single Tower Climbing Frames, partially enclosed play cabins or just railed around the outside like more of a balcony area. Play forts can include a solid wooden roof or you can choose to leave the roof off of your play tower. The great thing about Play Crazy climbing frames is that you can design them so your playset is unique to you. A wooden roof can provide shelter for inside the play fort keeping it dry and also shaded and cool on hot sunny days.

Alladin Climbing Frame and Playset Play CrazyPlay towers from Play Crazy can include either an enclosed upper or lower playhouse, or both in the same tower. Enclosed play cabins included with an outdoor play frame can provide kids with a sheltered play den they can play in whatever the weather. Also, the play cabins are spacious enough for several children to play in at once which can help encourage social play.

An enclosed upper play house can provide a safe enclosed play cabin for children to climb to and you can be confident that children can play safely. Enclosed lower playhouses are spacious enough for children to play together in groups and they also make great places to store other outdoor toys that would otherwise clutter up the garden.

A garden playhouse is every child’s dream and they can provide hours of outdoor fun whatever the weather, especially with other climbing frame accessories included too, children will never get bored!

Our expert designers, manufacturers and installers at Play Crazy provide a one stop service to find and install the perfect climbing frame for you. Our team at Play Crazy specialise in creating the right play frame to suit you and your family.

For more information or to order your bespoke climbing frame, contact Play Crazy on 07783861128 or email: shop@playcrazy.co.uk.