Supersize and Super Strength Playsets from Play Crazy

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Play Crazy Quality Super Strength Climbing Frames


Hulk Triple Play Crazy Climbing FrameAt Play Crazy we are experts in designing and installing bespoke wooden play equipment for both residential use and commercial premises. All of our products are of commercial strength as they undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the grade. Our commercial grade playsets are tested under commercial conditions to ensure that they can withstand the expected amount of inevitable wear and tear from a commercial environment or playground. Therefore our super strength climbing frames are the perfect piece of play equipment for any school, nursery, pub garden, playground or public park etc.

Children’s play systems at Play Crazy are based upon a modular designs which allows us to cater for different size and shape play areas as well as different size gardens. Our modular climbing frames allow some flexibility in your choices as not only can we tailor make a product to suit you, but a modular design allows you to start simple and add accessories to your playset in the future.

Being able to add more accessories to your play frame as you go along is advantageous for both domestic use climbing frames as well as commercial Simba Play Crazy Triple Climbing Frame Tower Unit Play Setones. For example as your children grow older and their abilities and skills develop they may wish for something more challenge to be added to their playset in order to keep them interested. Also, in schools or nurseries, new things can be added to keep children interested and also to cater for all different ages and abilities. A play system can even be expanded by adding another play tower or more accessories.

Play Crazy climbing frames are manufactured from a high quality timber which makes our playsets solid and robust and able to withstand a commercial level of expected wear and tear. Our playsets are based on a play tower design and we offer single, double, triple or even more play tower climbing frames depending on the space you have. The solid timbers which make up our play towers are extremely strong and ensure the play frames are strong and secure and capable of taking weight. The play decks in the play forts which make up our climbing frames are also made from strong wooden decking boards which is what makes our play systems such good quality and value for money.

Our super strength play frames therefore do not have a maximum age limit on them like some climbing frames from other manufacturers. Our climbing frames can be enjoyed by children of all ages and can even take the weight of an adult, obviously with the exception of some accessories.

Supersize climbing frames from Play Crazy include the Hulk Triple Loaded Tower climbing frame, the Simba Triple Tower and the Scar Triple Tower and Slides play frame.

The Hulk Triple Loaded Tower playset features the following accessories:

  • Three play towers
  • Top play cabins
  • Rock wall
  • Cargo net
  • Steps with handles
  • Picnic bench
  • Swing set
  • Lower playhouse
  • Fireman’s poles
  • Slide


The Simba Triple Tower climbing frame features:

  • Three play towers
  • Stepped double towers
  • Double slides
  • Picnic bench
  • Swing set
  • Rock wall
  • Cargo net
  • Bench
  • Fireman’s pole


The Scar Triple Tower and Slides play frame features:

  • Three play towers
  • Two bridges
  • Three slides
  • Picnic table
  • Step ladders

Our fantastic supersize and super strength commercial grade playsets really are excellent space fillers and they provide lots of fun too.

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