Why Choose Play Crazy

Hulk Triple Play Crazy Climbing FramePlay Crazy Climbing Frames is based in the UK. We strive to be the favored climbing frame Play Crazy Super Strength Wood Climbing Framecompanies in the UK. We do not see that size of the business is important but the customer feedback. Our playsets are built with the highest quality timber to the highest standards. The range is based around our tower system meaning your can either view our sample pictures and then choose from the extra features like monkey bars, swing, wavy slide, rope ladders, picnic tables or full shops and cabins. Our climbing frame systems are generally so strong that we designed them for the exclusive residential market but also construct and design climbing frame systems for the commercial markets as well including nurseries, private parks, child minders, schools and pubs and restaurants.

Key Benefits From Play Crazy Wood

  • Play Crazy Climbing Frames construct our playsets with 4 inch thick main legs, this is solid wood and not stuck together like other manufacturers. It is machine smoothed and pressure treated meaning it will last for a long time. Wood Test and Quality Climbing Frame
  • The systems are designed and braced so that it is structurally strong and the integrity of the overall tower will last for many years. We often brace the swing with metal brackets and hooks and over sized washers making them even stronger with less twist with each swing. We try to exceed the safety requirements, not just pass them.
  • The bridges and floors within the the towers are built using similar sized boards you would use for decking in your garden. The steps don’t just get screwed together, they are pre-manufactured in our warehouse with recessed holes.
  • Each tower can be 5 ft square tower which is a massive 25 square foot of a deck or we can do 6 ft square towers which is 36 square feet. The height of the play systems are the same depending on the ground level and on the deck there is often 5ft7 inches of head room once stood inside the frame with the roof on!!!
  • The modular climbing frame standard tower system means we can place each accessory where you want it to fit your garden or space the best. They are either concreted into the floor for maximum or we can attach it into tarmac and concrete using brackets.
  • We use fully certified climbing frame installers so that we can almost install onto any surface or slope. Where many play sets will suffer on slopes are sets thriveWood Test and Quality Climbing Frame
As an established children’s playset supplier, Play Crazy has become one of the foremost climbing frame providers across the UK. Our aim is to provide and install an extensive range of climbing frames built to the highest standard and designed to perfectly suit your needs, at affordable prices. We supply a large range of bespoke children’s play frames, made to order from the highest quality, machine smoothed wood. Our high quality play frames feature a wide range of accessories from rockwalls, ropes and monkey bars to swings, slides, cargo nets, fireman’s poles and lots more. Not only do we offer tailor made climbing frames to order but we also provide a professional installation service. Our team of playset builders have years of experience in erecting climbing frames and can assemble your playset upon delivery. QUALITY & STRENGTH Our main focus at Play Crazy is the quality and strength and therefore the safety of our climbing frames.Tinky Commercial Swing Our climbing frames are manufactured from quality heavyweight timber, making them more robust and able to cope with wear and tear when kids are playing. We use timber that has been specifically machine smoothed to eliminate splinters. The timber we use is also pressure treated to maximise the preservation of our climbing frames. The legs of the main play frame can be concreted into the ground to hold them in place and ensure the stability of the climbing frame is enhanced. This means that any movement in the playset is minimal, making it safer. Our sturdy, robust playsets are suitable for older children to play on and therefore it will take longer for kids to outgrow them.