Play Crazy Climbing Frames for Commercial Use


At Play Crazy we specialise in the bespoke design, supply and installation of children’s play equipment. Our supersize commercial strength play King Scar Triple Climbing Frameframes are available for both domestic use and commercial play areas. Our team can design a bespoke wooden playset to suit you and our certified installers can make sure it is correctly installed for you.

Play Crazy commercial grade playsets are checked by ROSPA (the royal society for the prevention of accidents). Our play frames are also inspected by European Safety Standards to ensure that they meet the safety regulations for commercial play systems. Climbing frames from Play Crazy are designed specifically with durability in mind and therefore reinforced to a commercial strength level to ensure they withstand the inevitable wear and tear which is to be expected in commercial playgrounds.

Climbing frames for commercial use must comply with a different set of regulations to play frames for residential use only. Commercial play equipment for example in schools, nurseries, play groups, pubs, hotels, public parks etc. must conform to BS EN1176 and BS EN1177 European Safety Standards. Our wooden playsets undergo a rigorous testing process under commercial conditions to ensure they meet the commercial safety standards.

Hulk Triple Play Crazy Climbing FrameAs we specialise in the design of children’s play systems, the Play Crazy team are knowledgeable in what keeps children’s interest and combinations of accessories which make for a great climbing frame. Our team have produced a range of play equipment that is fantastic value for family as well as what we think kids will get the most from.

Our play tower based climbing frames are a great way for children to develop a wide range of useful skills whilst staying active and having fun at the same time. Play frames allow children to acquire educational skills such as problem solving skills, social skills, balance, coordination and they can also develop their strength and let imaginations run wild. Play equipment can encourage children to socialise and their social skills to blossom as well as other things. For these reasons, a climbing frame is a fantastic piece of equipment for places such as schools and nurseries to have.

At Play Crazy we offer a one stop shop with all the help and advice you need. Our team can design and supply the perfect climbing frame for you plus we also have a team of experienced installers on hand to assemble it for you. Our certified playset builders ensure that our play frames are built correctly and installed so that they are safe to use.

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