Play Crazy Climbing Frame Installation Service



Double Tower Climbing Frame Play CrazyClimbing frames can be a time-consuming and fiddly job to assemble as there are many fixtures and fittings that must be used in the correct place especially with larger climbing frames, there can be a lot of fixtures to get your head around which can pose a safety risk if they are not used in their correct place.

Play Crazy climbing frames are manufactures with self-assembly in mind however at Play Crazy our own team of expert installers can build your play frame quickly and correctly for you. At Play Crazy we aim to provide the best customer service, from finding and designing the perfect climbing frame for you all the way through to safely and professionally installing it for you.

Play Crazy climbing frames are supersize, robust play frames which therefore include heavy weight, large parts to be assembled. For this reason it can be easier and safer to build Play Crazy climbing frames in a pair. Our climbing frame builder’s work in teams of two people to ensure that play frames can be assembled quickly and efficiently. Therefore if assembling your climbing frame yourself, you and someone else will need to find the spare time to work together.

Play Crazy Climbing Frame Installation Play SetPlay Crazy climbing frames can be time consuming to build especially if you are not familiar with parts, fixtures and fittings. Things can take a while to get your head around and they can also quickly go wrong if parts are used in the wrong place. Therefore once started our play frames can take a while to build, taking up your spare time.

One thing to consider before attempting to install your own climbing frame is do you have the correct basic DIY tools. Important things to remember are a hand drill and ladder particularly with Play Crazy climbing frames as they are large and tall once built.

Climbing frames from Play Crazy are also designed to be concreted in to the ground in order to make the play frame more stable and secure to play on. Also, concreting the play frame into the ground means it can be adjusted to cope with sloping gardens or uneven ground as opposed to some playsets from other manufacturers which have to be installed on top of a completely flat area of garden.

Our Play Crazy climbing frame installers understand that not all of our customers will want to assemble their own play frame as not everyone has the time or is confident with DIY. We provide a professional installation package to ensure your climbing frame installation is stress free. Our playset installers will make sure that your climbing frame is correctly assembled and concreted into the ground to maximise its stability and safety.

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