Bring Your Playset Alive with Climbing Frame Accessories from Play Crazy



Children’s playset are such a fantastic way to keep kids amused and fit and active. Outdoor climbing frames are a brilliant way to encourage children to play outdoors and get plenty of exercise too. Outdoor play equipment such as climbing frames can make a fantastic investment for your family as they provide hours of fun but also prevent boredom at weekends, after school and even school holidays.

Climbing frames from Play Crazy are of modular design which allows us to offer a bespoke design service where our clients can pick and choose accessories and design a play frame unique to them. Our climbing frames feature all of the usual popular activities including play towers, play cabins, play houses, step ladders, cargo nets, climbing walls, bridges, fireman’s poles, rockwalls, slides, picnic benches and much more! We also offer toys to add to your climbing frame which can really give it character and lots of our additional


accessories can inspire fun games too.

The additional accessories we offer to liven up your playset include everything from telescopes, steering wheels, binoculars, safety handles and of

course we offer a whole range of different swing seats. Accessories are a great way of encouraging children to think up their own games and use their imaginations plus they are also another thing to keep kids amused for longer. Our accessories can also be purchased at a later date to spice up any climbing frame after your children have had it for a year or so. Adding a new accessory to your playset can bring it alive again and give kids something new to hold their interest.

Accessories such as a telescope or steering wheel can inspire games such as ships, pirates and kids can come up with games to play together. Climbing


frame accessories can inspire kids to use their imaginations and create their own fun, rather than just playing on the activities that are included in your play frame. Steering wheels and telescopes and create a pirate ship feel in the play fort and if you have two or more play towers joined by a bridge it makes for even more of a pirate feel as kids can imagine the bridge as the plank and so on. There is endless fun to be had with an outdoor play frame, and it’s not just the fun you can see from activities included.

Our range of different swing seats can also be changed at a later date to provide some new variety to your climbing frame or just to suit your children’s abilities and needs as they grow. For example if you have young children and start off with a baby bucket swing, you may wish to change this when kids get too old for a baby swing. Otherwise once children have grown out of it the baby bucket swing will be wasted. Our climbing frames are designed with a long lifespan in mind and we are confident that our high quality climbing frames will exceed your children growing out of them.

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