Play Cabin Climbing Frame Accessories from Play Crazy


Play Crazy offer a wide range of children’s play equipment and climbing frames with a huge selection of different accessories and combinations of


activities to choose from. Play Crazy also offer a bespoke design service so you can create a climbing frame which is unique to you and your family.

Play Crazy playsets are manufactured using a strong, reliable wood which is grown in a specific way to make it less susceptible to cracking and splintering, perfect for children’s play equipment. The wood is machine smoothed also to make it even more suitable for children to climb and safe for play frames. Play frames by Play Crazy are made from extremely robust wooden timbers which are large and chunky compared to a lot of other climbing frames from different manufacturers.

The strength of the wood is what gives Play Crazy climbing frames their commercial grade and ensures the playsets can withstand a great amount of wear and tear. Play frames from Play Crazy are designed and tested specifically to meet commercial grade so they can withstand the amount of wear and tear expected on a commercial premises which will be much greater than domestic wear and tear. Therefore climbing frames from Play Crazy make super strong and long lasting garden playsets, especially when only used as a domestic play frame.

Play Crazy climbing frames are based upon a modular play tower design, catering for smaller gardens with single tower playsets up to larger play areas with triple or more play towers. The play towers can be designed in a combination of different ways, for example with a railed play deck, a fully enclosed upper play cabin or a partially enclosed upper play cabin and the same goes for underneath the play deck. You could include a lower fully enclosed playhouse, a partially enclosed one or something completely different, for example a picnic bench is a popular accessory installed beneath the play deck like the Hulk Triple Loaded Tower and the Simba climbing frame from Play Crazy include.

Alladin Climbing Frame and Playset Play CrazyThe Hulk Triple Loaded Tower playset from Play Crazy features three play towers, all with a fully enclosed upper play cabin plus one of the play forts also includes a fully enclosed lower play cabin. Raised play cabins which are fully enclosed can be a fun accessory for kids to climb to, however it can prevent them from seeing out across the garden and enjoying the view once they have climbed to the top of the play tower. Also, a fully enclosed upper play cabin can prevent supervising parents from seeing children’s exact movements when in the play fort too which makes it harder to supervise. A popular design with play towers is to feature a play deck which is railed around the outside so parents can still supervise kids easily, kids can see out of the play tower but the railings still keep little ones safe from tumbles. With a railed play deck, a lower enclosed playhouse can be a good option plus it makes the base of the play tower more solid and therefore more stable.

Play cabins which are partially enclosed as shown pictured here includes walls which only extend half way up to the roof so kids can see out of the play house, parents can see in to supervise and this also makes the play cabin lighter inside. Play houses or play cabins included with Play Crazy climbing frames are very spacious and have ample room for a group of several children to play in at once. They even have room for a seating area plus you can even keep other toys inside to keep them from cluttering up the garden. A play den is the perfect addition to an outdoor play frame as kids can play inside whatever the weather due to it being so sheltered. Enclosed play cabins are sheltered from wind and rain but also can stay cool and out of direct sunlight on hot sunny days.

Children’s climbing frames are such a great way for kids to stay amused, happy and healthy as well as physically active. Outdoor play frames make a fantastic investment for your family and the high quality play frames from our range mean that you will only have to make a one-time purchase.

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