Play Crazy Wooden Climbing Frames: Quality and Safety


Wooden climbing frames from Play Crazy are manufactured from reliable slow-grown wooden timbers which are engineered to be less likely to crack Play Crazy Wooden Climbing Frames and splinter, specifically for outdoor play equipment. Play Crazy offer commercial grade playsets which are more robust and hard-wearing compared to some other play frames designed only for domestic use.

Play Crazy climbing frames are suitable for both domestic and commercial premises but are tested under a commercial test environment to ensure they can with stand the wear and tear which is to be expected if they were to be installed on a commercial premises. Therefore they can easily withstand domestic wear and tear making them an excellent choice with a long lifespan for your family to enjoy.

We pride ourselves on the quality and strength of our playsets, which are strong enough to hold children of any age and even small adults. Play Crazy climbing frames are manufactured using thick wooden timbers for the main frame, including 4 inch solid wooden legs. The legs of Play Crazy climbing frames can be dug into the ground and concreted in to maximise their stability and safety. By designing our play frames in a way that they can be concreted in to the ground as opposed to standing on top of grass or a safety surface like some other manufacturers, means that our climbing frames will experience less movement when kids are playing and are therefore more secure and safe.

Hulk Triple Play Crazy Climbing FrameThe robust wooden timbers which make up Play Crazy climbing frames re much larger than some play frames from other manufacturers. The benefits of using high quality, thicker wood is that our play frames are so much stronger, can cope with more wear and tear so are longer lasting plus they can hold more weight so the maximum age limit is higher. Our commercial strength playsets are capable of holding children of any age unlike some smaller, less robust climbing frames from other manufacturers which often have a maximum age limit so do not cater for older children. Playsets from Play Crazy are structurally braced to increase the strength of the play frame itself.

The wood we use is pressure treated in order to help prevent the wood from rotting and weathering. The pressure treatment that our play frames undergo ensures that the wood is durable and long-lasting making your climbing frame a one-time purchase. The wood for our playsets is machine smoothed which turns rough edges into smooth edges and makes it safe for children to climb on. The machine smoothing process also helps reduce risk of splinters so our wooden climbing frames are safe for kids to play on.

Climbing frames from Play Crazy are a fantastic one-time investment for your family and they can provide hours of safe outdoor fun. Our modular design playsets also allows you to add accessories to your play frame as your children grow and their abilities and needs change. Visit to get yours now.

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