New to Play Crazy! The Simba Triple Tower Climbing Frame


Simba Triple Stepped Deck Climbing FramesThe Simba Triple Tower is a beautifully designed play frame new to our collection of children’s climbing frames at Play Crazy. We offer a wide range of wooden playsets to suit different garden sizes, ranging from single tower to triple tower and sometimes larger climbing frames for those lucky enough to have spacious gardens.

Our climbing frames are tested to a commercial safety standard to ensure they are safe for both domestic and commercial use. Our play frames are engineered from the highest quality timber to ensure all of our climbing frames provide your family with fun safe play. Not only do we design and supply climbing frames, but we also provide a professional installation service too. Our certified and experienced play frame builders can quickly install your climbing frame and each playset is strong, secure and safe to play on.

The new Simba climbing frame is a triple tower, stepped play system with lots of fun accessories that will be very popular with your little ones, including double slides. The Simba Triple Tower play frame includes three large robust play towers each with a spacious play deck to climb to, plus double slides, a bridge between play decks, a rockwall, a cargo net, a step ladder, fireman’s pole, climbing wall, picnic bench and even a swing set!

The Simba climbing frame really does include everything that kids could dream of and will encourage children to develop their climbing skills, strength and coordination as well as their imagination plus it will encourage them to swing, slide, climb and develop lots of new skills.

The Simba Triple Tower playset really is a jam packed climbing frame which is designed with larger gardens in mind. It is important to measure your garden and ensure kids will have ample room to play safely on the climbing frame you choose before ordering. Remember to think about a ‘safe play zone’ around the perimeter of your climbing frame for example space around the accessories and play forts should kids have any tumbles. It is also a good idea to make sure that there will be enough space at the bottom of the slides for kids to land safely without any obstacles and the like to get in the way.

The Simba climbing frame features two out of its three play towers standing next to eachother so children can easily climb from one play deck to theBack SImba Wooden Climbing Frames Play Crazy Playset other. The two play towers that are adjoined are different sizes making the play decks stepped. The first tower is slightly smaller for younger children or less confident climbers to start off on and the second is slightly taller so the play deck is higher and children can climb from the smaller play deck to the larger one.

The first play tower includes a spacious play deck which is railed around the outside and sheltered by a solid wooden roof. All three play towers include railings around the play deck and a solid wooden roof to provide some shelter and shade the play decks on hot sunny days. To reach the smallest play deck children can either use the climbing wall at the back of the play frame, which has a rope for children to hold onto as they climb, or they can climb across from the other play towers. The first play fort features one of the slides in this fun-filled climbing frame plus a wavy fireman’s pole for children to exit the play deck.

The second play tower also includes a very spacious play deck with enough room for a group of children to play together and it also features the second slide in the Simba climbing frame. The double slides are the most eye catching feature in this play frame and there is a smaller one for the smaller play deck for younger children with a larger one next to it on the second play tower. The smaller play fort with a smaller slide is less daunting for less confident climbers so kids can still have fun while they boost their confidence.

The second tower also includes a wooden step ladder for children to climb to the play deck and it is joined to the third play tower by a foot bridge enclosed by safety netting so little ones are safe when running between the play decks. This is a fun way for children to get from one activity to another in the climbing frame.

The third play tower also features a railed play deck. This tower includes a rockwall plus a cargo net for kids to climb. These popular climbing frame accessories will really test children’s strength and coordination and give them the chance to develop new skills. Older children will especially love testing themselves on the more challenging accessories.

Last but not least, the swing set is joined to the third play tower. The swing beam features three normal plastic belt swings which are rigid as opposed to flexible swing seats. At Play Crazy we do offer a wide range of different swing seats so if you wanted to add variety to the swing set it is an option.

The Simba climbing frame is a fantastic way to keep children active and encourage them to play outdoors in the nicer weather. Outdoor play equipment is a brilliant way for children to stay healthy and active as well as preventing boredom and providing hours of fun! Kids certainly won’t get bored of the jam packed Simba Triple Tower.

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