New to Play Crazy Climbing Frames is the ‘Bambi Single Tower’


At Play Crazy we pride ourselves on the quality and safety of our climbing frames and play equipment. All of our products are made from reliable Single Bambi Play Crazy Tower Inc Cabintimbers which give Play Crazy climbing frames their strength and stability. We ensure our play frames are engineered using the best wood and our carefully designed robust wooden play towers make up the majority of our playsets.

We aim to provide our customers with not only the best service but also the best climbing frames on the market too. Our products are commercially tested to ensure they are safe for use and our very own certified climbing frame installers can assemble them in your garden for you so you can be sure they are installed correctly and safe for kids to play on. At Play Crazy we can offer our customers the whole package as a one stop shop for design, supply and installation of your perfect climbing frame.

The Bambi Single Tower climbing frame is new to our range of children’s playsets and can turn even small gardens into a world of exciting adventures. We offer a wide range of play frames, including bespoke made to order sets to suit even small garden through to large ones with enough space for one of our triple towers.

Rear View Bambi Single Tower Climbing FrameThe Bambi Single Tower play frame features a solid and secure wooden play tower with a spacious 5ft high play deck that children can climb to. The play deck has ample room for several children to play at once and is made using strong decking boards to accommodate even older members of the family. Our strong playsets cater for children even over the age of ten to still enjoy our climbing frames and therefore they will grow out of them less quickly too.

The play tower included with the Bambi climbing frame includes a railed play deck which is also sheltered by a solid wooden roof, plus it features an enclosed wooden play cabin, a step ladder and a slide too. The roomy play deck is railed around the outside to keep kids safe from tumbles however they can still see out across the garden, plus the wooden roof offers some shelter in the play fort from not only wind and rain but also from the sun on hot sunny days. The roof can shade the play deck so children are protected from some harmful rays and can stay cool in the play tower.

The chunky wooden step ladder at the front of the playset provides a safe way for children to climb to the play deck with confidence. Even younger Single Bambi Climbing Frame Tower Play Crazyones will not find the step ladder too much of a challenging climb. The Bambi Single Tower also features a wavy slide at the front of the play tower as an exciting way for children to get down from the play deck. Slides are such a popular climbing frame accessory and kids will love zooming down from the play deck. The wave in the slide also makes the ride down extra special as it increases the fun-factor and the speed of the ride down just slightly. When installing a climbing frame it is very important to leave a ‘safe play zone’ around the play tower and the accessories. For example there should be ample space at the bottom of the slide for children to land safely with no obstacles that can get in the way.

Underneath the play deck of the Bambi climbing frame’s tower is a partially enclosed wooden playhouse. The playhouse is only partially enclosed so children can still see out plus light is let into to the play cabin and the walls do not go all the way up to the play deck. At Play Crazy we design tailor made climbing frames to suit your family and therefore offer a number of different packages. For example we offer fully enclosed, partially enclosed or railed playhouses which can be installed either on top of or underneath the play deck in our play towers. We also offer a picnic bench package so you can have a picnic area underneath the play deck rather than a playhouse if your wish.

The New Play Crazy Bambi Single Tower playset really does turn a small garden into an exciting play zone and will encourage children to develop their climbing skills, swinging skills, sliding and even their strength and physical well-being will get a boost. The Bambi climbing frame includes a three position swing beam as well as a play tower.

The swing set features three different swing seats including a disc swing, a baby bucket swing and a normal plastic rigid belt seat here. However, the swing seats in any of our playsets can be modified as we offer a range of different swing seats. For example if you do not have young children and do not require the baby bucket swing included with the Bambi play frame you can swap it for a tyre seat or something similar. The disc swing is also a more challenging swing seat that older children will enjoy and can practice their balance on.

For help and advice or to order your bespoke climbing frame, email us at: or call 07783861128.